Jennifer Connelly Debuts the Bob Haircut That Looks Best at 50

There’s something wizardly about the iconic
bob haircut. That
look change Which we have all denied on occasion due to its short length that limits hairstyles, but which, in reality, all women will surrender to sooner or later.

The experts say it non-stop, they never take it out of what their clients ask them the most, and the
famous who bet on this look (like Scarlett Johansson) of beauty without thinking twice. The last to join has been
Jennifer Connellywho has debuted the bob haircut that
better sit at 50

the actress of
51 years She has gone from her usual medium length, another favorite of celebrities for its versatility and comfort, which she wore below her shoulders, to a mini bob cut with a variant that we love because it gives her much more movement, shape and body. .

Connelly has worn a weathered and rounded bob in Paris that gives her hair a lot of personality. In the words of experts, this cut is called
airy bob. “We are talking about a bob designed for fine hair,” explains Esther González, director of the salons
Mint Beauty Place in Madrid.


Short hair: cuts that flatter and feel good at any age.

«We make the cut and volume effect through invisible and practically imperceptible layers.
They are very thin layers from the root, intermingling strands of long and short hair without them being barely visible. The cut conveys the sensation of a more defined structure and with greater density, as well as with a lot of movement«, continues the expert.

«To finish, we only have to use a very thick round brush and comb the hair in the opposite direction to the hairline, at which time the
volume effect it will be immediate”, concludes the stylist. The waves

slicked back with hairspray, with texture and waves is a success for the most special occasions but also to wear daily. It leaves the face clear and gives all the prominence to the beauty look. But there are other options. How to wear it completely smooth at the back but with a wet effect or create the
root stripe in the center to balance the factions.

The success of this haircut is, without a doubt, its stylistic finish. It brings all the necessary personality to any type of hair, it looks great at 20 but it especially has a
rejuvenating after 50and inevitably cleanses the tips.

The other bonus is that it is one of those haircuts that are so grateful that they can be air-dried without losing a hint of glamour. And the best of the best, despite being
trend this fallis that his trait
timeless not lost with the change of season. You can continue wearing it in winter and spring.

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