Jennifer Lawrence admits she recorded this controversial movie under the influence of drugs

OrOne of the most acclaimed actresses in the film industry and one of the most successful actresses in the world, Jennifer Lawrence, is premiere. artist premiere ‘without a bad roll’, But he has also been on the cover of some media for his latest statements where he claims that he recently recorded a scene completely drunk

His latest work, of which he is also the producer, is titled ‘without bad rolls‘, where she plays a woman who is not having the best financial moment of her life and therefore accepts an unusual job offer. Jennifer Lawrence Had to Be a Luxury Companion in Fiction The role of a very introverted young man, played by Andrew Barth Feldman, and he must wake up before entering university.

Jennifer Lawrence and her experiment in ‘Don’t Look Up’

Her other last works of the actress were ‘Don’t Look Up’famous movie Netflix, Both are from the comedy genre, where Lawrence flourishes like a fish in water. Lawrence to play a character in 2021 film ‘Don’t Look Up’ the astronomer who warned of the coming of a comet on earth Which will completely destroy the planet and the world population will be frustrated by the inaction.

on their side, like another imaginary astronomer Leonardo Dicaprio, There’s a scene in ‘Don’t Look Up’ where Lawrence smoke some marijuana In order to reduce the stress while reporting the news in the media and, he thought, to give more realism to his interpretation, she must be really tall, The director of the film A said thisdame mackay, in an interview with Screen Rat, since “his character is really high”.

“Jane said: ‘Will you allow me some corrections?’, This is what we always do. And I replied: ‘Sure, you can do drugs,’ said the director. Lawrence, on his part, recalled: ‘I think everyone was messing with me, because I was drunk. It was easy to upset him.”


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