Jennifer Lawrence: her bedroom in the $ 8 million mansion (PHOTO)


Let’s take a look at Jennifer Lawrence’s stunning mansion, worth $ 8 million, through photos that also show her bedroom.

Jennifer Lawrence owns a splendid villa $ 8 million in Los Angeles and a series of photo, including a 3D floor plan, allow us to discover how his is made too bedroom.

Jennifer Lawrence Floorplan

Jennifer Lawrence House

Since her career on the big screen began, or since 2008 with the film The Poker House, Jennifer Lawrence has collected a long series of awards and obtained acclaim from audiences and critics. This allowed her, at the age of 30, to take off numerous whims and therefore also to be able to buy a beautiful villa. The actress bought the property where she currently lives even before her marriage to the New York gallerist Cooke Maroney, with whom she now lives in this dream home that includes, as expected, also a splendid bedroom.

Jennifer Lawrence House 2


Jennifer Lawrence is notoriously reserved when it comes to her personal life and, not surprisingly, she doesn’t even have a social profile. Thanks to a new HomeAdvisor project, however, the many fans of the Hunger Games star can take a detailed look at his bedroom, through a 3D floor plan recreated from the images of a team of architects and designers, which offers a in-depth look inside the room where Lawrence sleeps with her husband. The room in question is the epitome of Hollywood glamor and boasts a magnificent private bathroom, complete with a huge bathtub and gold fixtures. The sleeping space includes a double bed placed in a corner of the room, while further on there is also a living room with large windows that open onto a magnificent balcony overlooking the large outdoor area of ​​the villa.

Jennifer Lawrence House 3

The house is located in an exclusive area of ​​Beverly Hills. The other internal areas of the villa are enriched by large chandeliers, for a total of five bedrooms and five bathrooms (also equipped with televisions), while outside there is a pond with koi carp, vast lush lawns and, of course, a truly magnificent pool.

Jennifer Lawrence House 5

Recall that the actress of The Positive Side – Silver Linings Playbook is not the first celebrity to live in the house in question, as it belonged to both the singer Jessica Simpson and the American actress and presenter Ellen DeGeneres.


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