Jennifer Lawrence is pregnant: the news is official


Jennifer Lawrence did not give official announcements of her pregnancy, but the soft shapes had long since given rise to the first suspicions. The actress, therefore, had simply confirmed the happy event, without hiding the news from her fans. A few days ago she was paparazzi in New York with her belly now very evident.

A reserved pregnancy

The thirty-one-year-old has decided to face pregnancy, at least from a media point of view, with the same spirit that she has animated in her profession over the years: normality and frankness.

“Jen has always had a desire to be a mother and in Cooke she has found a mate she loves and respects. She loves being married, she loves married life and, with Cooke, she has managed to build a solid foundation for a child. She can’t wait to become a mom, ”a source confessed to People.


Jennifer Lawrence and husband Cooke Maroney

Nothing is known about the unborn child: if it will be male and female, if it will be born by the end of the year and in the new one. To get this information it will be necessary to wait. The little one, however, comes after two years of marriage: Lawrence and Maroney got married in October 2019 in Newport, Rhode Island, in front of guests of the caliber of Emma Stone, Adele, Cameron Diaz and Sienna Miller.

The perfect balance between profession and family

“Love his job and will continue to love it. Like many other actresses, she will be able to balance her being a professional and her being a wife and mother. And he will know how to do it well. Jen is down to earth. He knows, however, that a satisfied and satisfied mother will be a better mother than one who renounces what she loves and then regrets it “, continued the anonymous, painting an ambitious and realistic picture of Jennifer Lawrence, in which motherhood is not an obstacle. , but the conscious choice of a woman who has her desires in mind.


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