Jennifer Lawrence: Mom sells star’s used toilet on Craigslist

In her new comedy film, “No Hard Feelings,” Jennifer Lawrence plays a Long Island woman who answers an ad on her Craigslist posted by her teenage friend Percy’s partner, a copy of her acquaintance. Jennifer’s Craigslist story isn’t over.

The 32-year-old actress, who has been with husband Cook Maroney for 16 months, has opened up to PEOPLE about an awkward episode on Craigslist. “Oh my god, Lee Eisenberg bought a toilet from my mom’s Craigslist. Il mio water”, Lawrence revealed. Eisenberg is the writing partner of “No Hard Feelings” recordist Gene Stupnitsky.

Did Jennifer’s mother Karen sell water on Craigslist? “Non lo so”, Ammet l’Ettris. “Force laveo broncto e mia madre la’ha venduto per mi.” Lawrence says Eisenberg knows the identity of the seller at the time of purchase. “As we know the story,” he concluded. “Quindy grazie, mom.”

Lawrence grew up in Louisville, Kentucky with her parents Karen and Gary. She has always had a “complicated” relationship with home and left school in her teens to find her way out. “It was a difficult kind of gesture”, Emmet L’Ettris. “Mama non abbiamo mai litigato per question. “Ero concepvole della mia irritability.”

Despite her reputation as a difficult person, Jennifer Lawrence admitted that she has been afraid of displeasing her Giovan co-star in “No Hard Feelings”. Ma si e recréduta subito. “I was worried that my life would be sedentary all my days, all my days. Lawrence de Andrew Barth Feldman says, “Ma ho capito subito che non es un uncaring person”.

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