Jennifer Lawrence quotes on the importance of being authentic

Jennifer Lawrence is an American actress was born on August 15, 1990. He began his career with some television work and a couple of independent films, until in 2010 he starred in Winter’s Bone (Deep Winter), which earned him his first Oscar nomination.

Commercial successes followed mainly by taking the starring role, that of Katniss Everdeen, in the saga of The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games) and as Mystique in X Men: First Generation and the subsequent sequels of this franchise.

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While the pair established themselves as one of the great artists of their generation, with films like Joy, Madre!, American Scandal and The Games of Destiny, work for which won the Oscar, the first and only one so far, but four nominations in total throughout his career.

It is identified as feminist, was listed by TIME as one of the most influential people in 2013; her style is simple and sophisticated and her approachable attitude and effervescent. She maintains a privacy in her life that keeps her away from scandal and we recognize her naturalness and originality when he makes public appearances and gives interviews.

Precisely of originality, of be authentic, faithful to ourselves and valuing everything that we are, embracing defects and virtues alike, because they are our essence and we must celebrate it, is what he shares with us with various phrases that he has expressed to us over the years. Reflecting on life and on our existence, convictions and self-esteem, these are some of his words.

“A powerful woman is someone who exudes confidence and can be tough but fair and kind. And she too she knows how to get what she wants”

“Eating is one of the favorite parts of my day”

“Be strong. Don’t be a follower and always do the right thing.”

“It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it’s not my choice is absolutely disgusting.”

“I do have big ambitions, but I think we all do. I just want to keep working hard and be happy.”

“You see yourself as you see yourself. Be comfortable. What are you going to do? Going hungry every day to make others happy? That’s silly”

“I don’t like going out that much. I am like an old woman. After it’s 11 o’clock I mean, don’t these kids get tired?

“The only thing I look for in a relationship is someone to watch TV with”

“I believe that people are built the way they are built”

“If you can choose between right and wrong, the right path is always the least stressful”

“It does not matter if you are famous or anonymous, your opinion is heard by millions of people through the networks”

“I like how I am physically. I’m tired of those actresses who look like little birds.”

“A gesture of affection from me can make people happy. That helps me forget the bad things about fame.”

“My personal life is very normal and an Oscar does not change that”

“I will never go hungry for a role. I don’t want girls to say, ok, I want to be like Katniss, I’m going to lose weight.”

“I think you should work a lot harder when you’re successful, because people expect more from you. Success doesn’t mean you’re allowed to work less and treat people badly.”

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