Jennifer Lawrence radiant at the world premiere of Don’t Look Up

A beautiful Jennifer Lawrence attended the premiere of Don’t Look Up for the first time with a baby bump. And she wasn’t alone… Photo Ap

Radiant and brilliant. For the gold dress she wore, sure. But also for the joy of being on the red carpet again to promote his latest film. Proudly showing off her baby bump. Jennifer Lawrence is back, a few weeks from the party, to an official pledge to present Don’t look up, the satirical comedy he stars in, Together with a stellar cast: da Leonardo Dicaprio to Meryl Streep. From Cate Blanchett to Timothée Chalamet. From Ariana Grande to Chris Evans.

Red carpet of the world premiere of Don't look up

Don’t look up cast. Photo Ap

The stellar cast of Don’t look up

Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio in Don’t look up they play two low-grade astronomers embarking on a world tour to warn humanity that an asteroid is heading for Earth. Around them there is a very long list of very famous colleagues. Starting with Her Majesty Meryl Streep, here as US President Janie Orlean (do you understand why it’s a satirical comedy?). And by Jonah Hill, who plays his son here. They were there too on the red carpet of the Lincoln Center in New York.

Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet in New York

But all eyes were on the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence. On her first public release since she announced she was pregnant. In fact, she had participated in a march in favor of women’s right to abortion, but this is a job opportunity. Wrapped in a golden Dior dress (look complemented by Tiffany & Co. jewelry), which highlighted the belly. The Oscar-winning actress, in fact, is expecting her first child with her husband, the art gallery owner Cooke Maroney.

Brockton, MA - Timothee Chalamet and Jennifer Lawrence get close on the roof of a fast food restaurant for "Don't Look Up".  They are snuggled up on a mattress with a 6-pack of beer, they are in the middle of kissing when she spots an asteroid heading for earth.  Pictured: Timothee Chalamet, Jennifer Lawrence BACKGRID USA 4 FEBRUARY 2021 BYLINE MUST READ: BACKGRID USA: +1 310 798 9111 / UK: +44 208 344 2007 / * UK Clients - Pictures Containing Children Please Pixelate Face Prior To Publication *

Timothée Chalamet and Jennifer Lawrence on the set of Don’t Look Up.

Jennifer Lawrence, a reserved mom

And like everything related to her love story, this new chapter of her life remains off limits. “I am very grateful and excited to become a mother,” the 31-year-old actress said in an interview a few days ago, “but I prefer to keep this out of the conversation.”

“If I were at a dinner party and someone said to me,“ Oh my God, you’re expecting a baby! ”, I wouldn’t say,“ God, I can’t talk about it. Stay away from me, psycho! “. But every instinct in my body wants to protect his privacy for the rest of his life. As far as possible, ”he explained.

And he also added: «I don’t want anyone to feel welcome in his existence. And it seems to me that the best place to start is simply not including my baby in this part of my work. “



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