Jennifer Lawrence recalls her rejection and failure of her audition in ‘Twilight’

The filmography of Jennifer Lawrence, as she herself confirms, has been quite eclectic., The actress, who admits that she always feels the pressure Hollywood, has struggled with fame since the early stages of his career. The interpreter confirmed weeks ago that she does not know how to be the star of the seventh art and somehow she misses hunger games, In a recent interview, Lawrence initially disclosed this He appeared in the casting of the first film of twilightBut it was rejected.

Jennifer Lawrence recalls her audition failure twilight and how it changed his life

It is unclear what role Lawrence would have auditioned for if she had been the lead heroine. Bella Swan or any other female character of the series, but the truth is that his casting did not go well. “I auditioned for twilight, Lawrence confirmed (via) comic book, “He rejected me right away. He didn’t even call me back. But my life would have been completely different. I got hunger gamesThis is what I think year later. it was probably later winter’s Bone“, she accepted.

What is interesting is that his involvement in that saga was almost minimized. actress almost rejected hunger games only because of the enormous fanaticism that had arisen around twilightWhich was a real success. “I rarely do hunger games because he was gone twilight And That fan It was very successful…”, explained the actress, who confirms that it was difficult for her to make the decision, as she became obsessed with the success of the vampire and werewolf films that reached theaters. he soon realized it hunger games It was another success and this fame would come to him, even overwhelm him.


I almost didn’t do The Hunger Games after failing my Twilight audition

“I assumed this level of fame would twilight And I never had anything like this in my mind. I never wanted to be the most famous person on the planet. It’s a completely different life than the one I had envisioned for myself.”, he concluded. the actress has debuted without bad rollsA comedy that is already in theatres.

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