Jennifer Lawrence regrets taking roles that were loved by the public after The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen’s lead role in film saga catapulted Jennifer Lawrence to movie megastar hunger games, many years later, He regrets that he was offered too many roles because of his fameHowever many of them were well received by the public and further boosted their careers.

Jennifer Lawrence Regrets Taking on Her Many Popular Roles in Blockbuster Movies

In an interview with The New York Times, Jennifer Lawrence explained how she was rapidly rising to superstar status after her success. hunger games, Instead of playing the roles of your choice, They offered him only exposure that would increase his success,

“I just reacted instead of participating. Scripts from a lot of filmmakers I admired a lot didn’t reach me. I lost control.”said the actress.

As the article suggests, Lawrence’s career direction was largely in the hands of her acting agency., In terms of ratings and popularity, his works mainly targeted blockbusters and popular franchises.

Although Lawrence is properly enjoying her newfound freedom with the drama way, fans may see the development a little differently. The roles with which the actress was “ambushed” apparently include popular roles in franchises. X Men and spy thrillers operation red sparrow,

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