Jennifer Lawrence returns to independent cinema

LOS ANGELES.- “No hugs, I just got out of covid. Don’t worry, I already tested negative, ”says Jennifer Lawrence when she arrives at the meeting for this interview. She is considered to appear in the final Oscar nominations in the Best Actress category for the film. resurface (Causeway)from Apple TV, of which she is also a producer.

With this film I am returning to my roots in independent cinema. The idea of ​​producing it was born as soon as I read the script, because it gave me a lot of confidence to have something special in front of me, an idea that I reaffirmed after having dinner with the director Lila Neugebauer, although I had never seen her work before.

When reading the script I felt that I could not miss it. But after 20 hours of filming, in so much heat, sharing a tent with another person and the same little fan, there came a point where I also doubted if it was all worth it (laughs). But I discovered that nothing fulfills more than making a style of cinema that makes so much sense as an actress, to share the same passion with a small group of people, sweating blood and tears for cinema. It’s something I never thought I could do in my life. And yes, I would love to have many more experiences like this, although they don’t usually fall out of the sky that often. Independent cinema is worked with love, ”she emphasized.

resurface is about a survivor of the war in Afghanistan who wants to recover to return to the war, as the best way to escape the dramatic life of an absent mother and an imprisoned brother. And while she makes a living cleaning pools, she strikes up the only friendship that can change his mind.

I identified a lot with my character trying to find a home and life purposes, because I left home when I was 14 years old. And my relationship with home was always very complicated. That is the subject that moved me so much on a personal level, ”confessed the actress, who also revealed that she learned how to clean pools very well.

It is very easy: with a brush the walls are cleaned, to remove what remains stuck. Then a vacuum cleaner is passed and the dirt that was floating is cleaned, they put two chlorine tablets and that’s it. Well, you also have to clean the filter, but it’s all that simple, ”she enthused.

He spoke about the responsibility of representing war heroes well on film, as truthfully as possible.

I met many fans who suffered the same as my character and I learned that no one reacts the same, it depends on each person. And after listening to many stories, looking for some signs that could serve me in acting, I ended up with a completely different idea about traumas and invisible wounds that are not seen in a person, where the cure has no script and the physical parts need relearn it.

I was also lucky to have people who taught me and showed me how it looked in reality, each of the scenes that I had to represent in the recovery part of my character, after having lived through a bombing in Afghanistan ”, revealed.

For his work in resurface, Jennifer Lawrence is among the candidates to compete for the Oscar this year in the category of Best Actress. Final nominations will be announced on January 24.

Lawrence confesses that she is very excited about this next installment, especially because of what this one means
movie in his career.

First we filmed parts in Afghanistan, to show the memories of my character, a bit more my life. But the director wanted to show only the after effects of a war, in the present, without the past. And we had just started filming in 2019 but the covid was taking us longer and longer. But with each stop we knew we had to come back to complete the production. Every time we filmed again, we had to stop again due to the different waves of covid and the effects of the pandemic.

But I also think that we turned a lot of the disadvantages into real gifts. I don’t think the movie would have been what it was if it weren’t for everything we went through during the two years it took us to film it,” he commented.

Within all her emotion, Jennifer affirms that her life changed after she became a mother, in February of last year.

He claims to be happy with this new stage and has gotten used to combining this facet with his working life.

Although they let me take a break from work to dedicate myself to the birth of my son, now I try to take care of my time so I can be with him. At this time that I traveled to Los Angeles, my baby stayed with my husband (Cooke Maroney), in New York. But I’m about to come back… I miss him terribly, ”she finished.

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