Jennifer Lawrence returns to the fray and questions the wage gap in Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence sealed a good comeback with don’t look up (2021), Adam McKay’s comedy for Netflix in which he played half of the main duo.

However, there was one point that sparked controversy: the difference in salary between Leonardo DiCaprio and her. As reported at the time by Variety, the actor obtained US$ 30 million, while the actress of The Hunger Games he took $25 million.

Although Lawrence at the time expressed being “extremely lucky and happy”, she returned to address the controversy in an interview with Vanity Fair. She cited that her salary was also less than her male co-star in American Scandal (2013).

“It doesn’t matter how much you do,” Lawrence noted. “They still won’t pay me as much as that guy, for my vagina?”.

“I guess maybe at some point, I’ll claim even more and say, ‘What if it’s not the same?'” he said in an interview that also addressed the US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe vs. Wade and with it the constitutional right to abortion.

The actress will return to the screen with Causeway, a film by director Lila Neugebauer in which she plays an American soldier seriously wounded in combat. It will arrive on Apple TV + on November 4, after passing through the Toronto Film Festival.

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