Jennifer Lawrence shows off her funniest side in a “No Hard Feelings” special.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence during the presentation of the film “No Hard Feeling” in Madrid. EFE/Juan Carlos Hidalgo

Hollywood star and action hero Jennifer Lawrence has often shown her comedic side and spontaneity on TV shows and on the red carpet, but for the first time she’s unleashed her full potential in “No Hard Feelings,” a specially produced film that Shown this Wednesday. Madrid.

“It’s the most fun experience I’ve ever had,” the two-Oscar winner and star of the blockbuster saga “The Hunger Games” told EFE. She plays a woman who sees the perfect solution to her financial problems when she reads an advertisement for parents. Looking for a girl to date and babysit his introverted 19 year old son.

The director, Gene Stupnitsky—screenwriter for “The Office” for five years—was a friend of Lawrence, and one day over dinner he showed the actress the original ad that had been published. “We laughed a lot thinking what kind of parent would do something like that and who would answer to it.”

Four years later, he handed over the script for the film, which will be released this Friday in the United States and within a week, on June 23, in Spanish cinemas.

“It’s a film written for him,” Stupnitsky admits, “I chose it because I knew how funny it was and I wanted to show it to the world, and on the other hand, because he’s a superstar and you have to look for it.” Need a big star do this kind of comedy with hollywood studio.

Actors Andrew Barth Feldman (I) and Jennifer Lawrence pose with director Gene Stupnitsky during the presentation of the film “No Hard Feeling” in Madrid. EFE/Juan Carlos Hidalgo

The “American Hustle” (2014) and “Silver Linings Playbook” (2012) star, who has been a mom for a little over a year, says she can totally understand the “helicopter” parent that the film portrays. Life in Matthew Broderick—a nod to the 80s comedy—and Laura Benanti.

He says, “Everyone wants the best for their kids, you want to protect them and it can get out of hand, of course I will have elements of that as well and other things I have to work on.”

During a brief five-minute meeting with EFE in Madrid, Lawrence sat barefoot and was accompanied by her 21-year-old Broadway musical theater co-star, actor and singer Andrew Barth Feldman, who also appeared in the Disney series. “High School Musical”.

“He’s so funny and he knows how to show emotion, so it’s clear he’s going to be a great actor,” Stupnitsky says of him.

Feldman recognizes some of the problems Percy, his character, has in relation to living in a room with the Internet, video games, and social networks through closed screens, but very much with real life, as typical problems of his generation. There is less conversation.

“I think it’s possible to have a healthy relationship with social networks,” says the actor, “You have to set boundaries, I did, you have to use them the way you want them to be used, good stuff.” To spread and communicate, the good thing is that networks can be what you want them to be, although they can also absorb you.

Lawrence formed her own production company in 2018 and recently presented a documentary on the status of women in Afghanistan after the Taliban’s return to power by Afghan filmmaker Sahra Mani at the Cannes Film Festival.

For a few years he has also collaborated with Represent Us, an American NGO focused on fighting corruption in his country. Although her publicist says not to ask her questions about politics, and especially Donald Trump, the actress has been willing to comment on her work as an activist.

“We’ve had significant achievements in North Dakota or Minnesota in the mean time. The idea is to drive state-by-state approval of anti-corruption laws at the local level to achieve change at the federal level,” he says. He explains.

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