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Infidelity rumors have become celebrities’ worst nightmare. This time the one who is caught in the storm is none other than Jennifer LawrenceThe charismatic actress who was once considered one of the most loved actresses in Hollywood. Now, in the midst of promoting her latest erotic comedy film, “Sin Malos Rolos,” the actress is embroiled in a scandal that portrays her as the cause of infidelity. Liam Hemsworth when they were married Miley Cyrus, After being surrounded by so many ‘haters’, the actress finally decided to tell her truth to the media.

Miley Cyrus Will Release Her Epic Song “Flowers” On The Same Day Liam Hemsworth birthday, it didn’t take long for fans to figure out that this was a pretty direct nod at her ex-husband. Which is why in the months that followed, the Australian actor became enemy number one of Miley’s fans for his questionable behaviors that began to come to light as a result of her divorce. Among them, the one who was unfaithful on several occasions during the time they had an on-and-off relationship (10 years, by the way).

The 14 women are those who are said to have passed through the famous house of discord (the same one seen in the video clip). The only actress who has gained more relevance in recent weeks is Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrencewho was a co-star and friend of Liam During the filming of the successful saga “The Hunger Games”. And although Katniss famously never hinted at a possible romance between the two, she couldn’t deny the great chemistry they had at the time.

But the good friendly relations between the two were not the only support for this growing rumour. During the video clip for “Flowers”, Miley is seen wearing a stunning gold vintage Saint Laurent dress. an outfit that, in addition to becoming iconic, also fueled the rumor that it would be a sign Jennifer Lawrence, Because It’s similar to the gold slit dress that Jennifer herself wore to pose on the red carpet Liam During the premiere of “The Hunger Games” in 2012.

Recently during an interview in an American program, the actress told her truth about this story. (Photos: Pinterest, Miley Cyrus)

Recently, the actress participated in the program “Dekho Kya Hota Hai Live!” But after giving an interview, once again the rumor has reached an unimaginable level. with Andy Cohen. In the midst of a fun conversation about the promotion of her latest film, “Sin malos rolos”, the presenter finally gave Jennifer the opportunity to clarify the rumor about their alleged relationship. Liam Hemsworth,

“There has been a lot of talk about Miley Cyrus’ music video mentioning a secret relationship with Liam while he was with Miley, please respond to this,” he added. Immediately, jennifer Answered: “it is not true. full rumor,, Although he admitted that he had kissed only once, but after some time when he was single. “Everyone knows that Liam and I kissed once, but they broke up years later, so I assumed it was a coincidence. they are content?He clarified by referring to Miley’s similar dress. Jennifer, who has been away from the social network for some time now, is now fully focused on her acting career and her family, since just last year she became a new mother with her husband, Cook Maroney, whom she married in 2019.

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