Jennifer Lawrence’s commitment to headbands is something to be studied — see photos

Of all the hair accessories in the world, none are as versatile as the headband — and Oscar-winning actor Jennifer Lawrence is its biggest advocate. While many of us are obsessed with headbands, Lawrence has been relying on them to spruce up her hairstyle for over a decade.

Lately, the star has been particularly devoted to the classic black headband; You know, that’s what you probably think of when someone says their look was inspired by Audrey Hepburn or Brigitte Bardot. Lawrence wore his favorite headband most of the time don’t feel bad Press tour, including his appearance hot ones, She wore the above band for an appearance at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City, where she unveiled a Dior-themed holiday window. (Lawrence is an ambassador for the brand.) Her long hair was styled simply, pushed back from her face and blown straight down her back, with a black leather headband placed perfectly atop her head. Was.

Although headbands can sometimes seem youthful or whimsical, Lawrence’s black leather accessory was just as modern and sleek as her white shirt and blazer dress, not to mention her soft, subtle smoky eye and neutral lip. Final result? Simple, chic, sophisticated.

Jennifer Lawrence appeared at an event in a black blazer dress, white shirt and black headband.

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