Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, here they are after a long night of passion… – EXCLUSIVE

The weekly Oggi pinched the stars after a really hot night. Who have tried (in vain) to keep hidden …

Twenty years after their first love story, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together, acclaimed by fans. Every photo of “Bennifer” looks like it’s taken from a Hollywood set, but in the exclusive images of the weekly Oggi, the 52-year-old postar and the 49-year-old actor are captured in the aftermath of a passionate night outside his mansion in Pacific Palisades, California. . Disheveled? Not at all. The Hollywood couple is as perfect in the private as on the set. He greets his Jennifer with funny faces, as she sweeps out of the garage with her 500 fashion designer Gucci – EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS | PRIVATE VIDEO

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THE NIGHT OF LOVE – Don’t expect to see them come out after a night of love disheveled, with dark circles and in pajamas. No, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck know they live in the spotlight, after the newfound love, joy of the paparazzi and fans. Here they are then out of the actor’s villa in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, perfect as on the set.

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HE GREETS HER WITH FUNNY FACES – He greets her from the garage with funny faces, almost as if he were launching a video on TikTok. JLo goes in a white turtleneck, with his assistant, in the Fiat 500 with the Gucci brand. Lady Gaga relaunches the maison with the film? Jennifer doesn’t hold back.

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