Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will move into a luxurious mansion (photos)

Apparently the separation of famous is imminent and they must decide the future of their two children.

The love affair between Shakira and Gerard Pique is in the eye of the hurricane after it was revealed this week that they are facing serious problems following an alleged infidelity by the Barcelona footballer.

Although, at the moment, the couple has not come out to deny or confirm these rumors, according to European media, the separation between them is imminent to the point that they have started the legal proceedings, since the fight between them will focus mainly under the care of their two children; Milan and Sasha, since they were never legally married, El Economista reported.

And it is that due to the tax conflicts that Shakira is facing in Spain, she has no desire to stay there, so she would seek to move immediately to another place accompanied by the little ones.

“The artist does not want to continue living in Barcelona. Here she has no friends or family (except Pique) and the Treasury has been pursuing her for years, so she intends to move and settle in another country. With their children, of course”said a source quoted by said media.

However, Shakir’s desire to relocate immediately might be affected as Gerard Pique is not able to part ways with his children so easily.

“Pique refuses to part with his children and alludes to the fact that the children were born in Barcelona, ​​they grew up here and here they have their school and their friends”quoted the newspaper.

Shakira and Gerard Pique met in 2010 during the official video taping of the World Cup in South Africa, where she performed the song “waka, waka”. They are currently 11 years old together and have two children together, one 9 and the other 7.

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