Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry choose natural curls


andast Coast, early July. With great punctuality in Los Angeles came the great heat, but the stars are not discouraged. for Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry it’s time to let the hair rest, focusing on the effortless charm of the natural but well-fed curls.

Jennifer Lopez and the dense beach waves

According to insiders, the story with Ben Affleck is going well and Jennifer Lopez she is increasingly determined to find a home in Los Angeles. Although I know well that, even if you are a millionaire star with ranks of hairstylists always available, moving in the city of angels with summer humidity means only one thing: the hair will inevitably tend to frizzy losing the effect of folding.

JLo but he is not the type to be discouraged and finds the positive side in every situation, translated into hairstyle: he focuses everything on lightened curls with a multitonal tint, but left free beach waves style. The mermaid look by the sea is combined with the make-up played in the natural shades of bronze browns and glossy pink. And it becomes very difficult to believe that the star will accomplish 52 years next July 24.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez in the selfie in the car posted on Instagram.

Halle Berry and the wild curly hair

Speaking of hairstyles that climb the years, a great expert in the field is the almost 55-year-old Halle Berry. Who plays the card of natural curls exploiting the scenographic potential of the wild volume. The long hair over the shoulders has the strands scaled and lightened on the tips, with the frizzy kept at bay by thechip effect placed in strategic places on the sides of the face.

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A real lioness mane for the actress passionate about mindfulness and self-love, who puts deep hydration first and foremost in her beauty routine. For hair, he revealed during the first lockdown, he uses the Mother Earth Mask of the brand TPH by Taraji, with an ultranutrient formula based on coconut oil, white clay and apple vinegar. The good news that will make you better endure today’s heat? It only costs $14.



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