Jennifer Lopez and the curtain fringe combined with XXL hair


You have already seen in what a dazzling form it is Jennifer Lopez in the video of Change el Paso, latin-pop catchphrase fresh from launch (here it is)? The singer and dancer, beaming with happiness in her new couple ménage with her boyfriend Ben Affleck, not only is very physical, tanned and very sexy, but also sports a hairstyle-masterpiece. Fakely messy, actually artfully studied, its extra long hair, textured and moved in beach waves style, is combined with a splendid curtain fringe, beauty accessory in boom for months. The effect is super feminine, not to mention the welcome anti-aging effect of such a hair look.

Curtain fringe and wavy and long hair, winning match

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As Faik Zekai, Creative Director Cotril, reminds us, “curtain bangs, is at the top of customer requests from the beginning of 2021. Its first ability is to make the cut chic and vaguely vintage. Open on the forehead, light and climbed up to the cheekbones to give continuity to the frontal scaling, it frames the face softening it and is the perfect solution for those who debut in the world of fringe. Not only is the curtain fringe feminine and elegant, but it is also above all a low maintenance fringe, hence his leading role on many hairs. Combined with long hair and characterized by stlyling mosso &messy, supported by the indispensable salt spray, the curtain fringe proves to be the classic right choice to give a twist to your hairstyle. Without repentance.”

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