Jennifer López argued a second time with Shakira in the SuperBowl

Jennifer Lopez made some powerful statements about his performance with Shakira at the show superbowl of 2020.

On the occasion of his documentary in Netflixhalf-time, Jennifer Lopez recalled another controversy that occurred on the occasion of the preparation of the show.

JLo proposed denouncing the anti-immigration policy of former president donald trump with the Latino population. Therefore, she told Shakira how she would like to close the performance: with the song Born in the USA of Bruce Springsteen.

Nevertheless, Shakira She did not seem to agree very much with the proposed idea and rejected it, alleging that she was not born in the United States and did not have American nationality.

“I was not born in the United States,” I replied Shakira. “But everyone likes to sing that song, and when America is at its best, everyone wants to come here,” JLo replied.

Jennifer López and Shakira resolved the final closing

Finally, they found a solution. Emmedaughter of the Puerto Rican, sang the famous song with her mother, while Shakira played the drums during the melody.

The show was marked by the presence of several children in cages, as a complaint suffered by the community. This part also caused controversy in the public.

The relationship between Shakira and Jennifer Lopez was the subject of debate after the end of the joint action. Both were distant at a press conference.

Shakira and Piqu separate while Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck marry

Curiously, both artists live a different personal situation. while Shakiraannounced their official separation from pique, JLo got engaged to his old love Ben Affleck. Even some rumors suggest that both have already passed through the altar.

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