Jennifer Lopez celebrates her love for Ben Affleck in new topless bathroom photo

Jennifer Lopez He is very much Benjamin.

On August 19, the 54-year-old singer shared a series of photos from the first half of August, which included several bikini photos, a Lemon Girl Summer moment, and possibly a birthday cake baked in her husband’s honor. ben affleck Who was born on 15 August 1972. However, despite Affleck’s physical absence at the presentation, the candles weren’t the only tribute to the 51-year-old actor. For the tenth and final slide, J.Lo shared a topless bathing photo with a gorgeous polished manicure and lots of diamond jewelry, including her green diamond engagement ring and a heart pendant with a romantic “Ben” Necklace included.

“This is…August (so far),” Lopez captioned the performance, which currently has over 1.2 million likes.

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If you had forgotten, ben affleck proposed marriage to Jennifer Lopez When she was taking a bubble bath in April 2022, almost exactly 20 years after their first engagement in November 2002: “On Saturday night, while I was in my favorite place in the world (in a bubble bath), I met my beautiful love She “got down on one knee and proposed to me,” she wrote in her newsletter, On the JLo. She completely freaked me out and I looked into her eyes smiling and crying at the same time, trying to grasp the idea that, 20 years later, it was happening again. I was really stunned and she said, “Is that a yes?” I said, “Yes, of course it is yes.”


She continued: “I was smiling so much I was crying, I felt incredibly happy and complete. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was the most romantic thing I could have ever imagined. ..A quiet Saturday night at home, two people getting engaged.” “Always there for each other. Two very lucky people. Who had a second chance at true love.”

The happy couple eloped in Las Vegas in July 2022 and recently celebrated their first anniversary as husband and wife. Lopez shared an excerpt of her song “Midnight Trip to Vegas” from her upcoming album this is me now, to commemorate the milestone: “So you whispered in my ear / You said let’s get out of here / We could disappear tonight,” he sings in the song. “How about a trip to Las Vegas at midnight / Just you and me, baby / We put the kids in the back of the pink Cadillac / And we’re changing in the bathroom.”

It is clear that the bathroom holds a very special place in both of their hearts.

Article originally published in Glamor US,, adapted by Paola Juarez.

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