Jennifer Lopez celebrates “Mother’s Day” with her children, Emme and Max

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Jennifer Lopez is fulfilling the millionaire contract he has with Netflix where he will soon release the action thriller “The Mother” and the film “The Cipher” and in his love life, he remodels the love nest that will share with Ben Affleck. Despite this, the “Bronx Diva” has shown that she always has time for her children, Emme and Max.

Reason why, the 14-year-old twins did not let Mother’s Day go by and consented to JLo taking her to the exclusive Malibu’s Nobu restaurant. Where the 52-year-old actress imposed fashion wearing all white. Days before lunch, the family gathered to support a baseball game where Emme participated.

Jennifer Lopez in multiple interviews has talked about her motherhood saying that she is proud of her teenage children: “They’re amazing, first of all. They’re like little adults and they have their own lives,” he said. “They have all their own ideas about the world and he loves showing off the things they know.””, added JLo in the program “Live with Kelly and Ryan”.

And it is that without a doubt, the children that JLo shares with Marc Anthony have inherited the talent of their parents, becoming the future generation of Hollywood.

Recently Max acted in the tape of “The Bronx Diva”, “Marry Me” ssurprising with his innate talent and is that the young man has been more discreet with his private life leaving his twin in the spotlight, Emme, who two years ago surprised by singing with her mom and Shakira at the Super Bowl Halftime.

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