Jennifer Lopez had her body modified to accept her in Hollywood

The singer and some celebrities were forced to lose weight and change their figure in order to succeed in the movies.

Jennifer Lopez became known thanks to the movie “Selena”, where she played the role of Selena Quintanillaan interpreter of the Tex-Mex genre who broke with the canons of beauty.

The singer also had lush curves that attracted the attention of thousands of fans, but also much criticism of her voluptuous body, forcing her to modify it to fit in Hollywood.

Women have always been constantly subjected to fulfilling stereotypes about what type of body is “perfect”, generating complexes and insecurities in us, and not even the famous ones are saved from it. Many celebrities have experienced rejection, or terrible criticism about their figure, and have had to experience their worst moments when receiving rejection for their bodies.

Since Jennifer Aniston even Bryce Dallas were pressured to lose weight in order to appear in a series or movie, showing how cruel the entertainment world can be.

The singer and other celebrities who suffered

  • Jennifer Aniston: During the beginning of her career, Jennifer Aniston had to lose weight and undergo a strict diet, because only then could she succeed in the movies, or so she was led to believe.

Her representative told her that she had to lose more than 10 kilos to be able to succeed in Hollywood, and since she wanted to succeed and was just starting out, she listened.

  • Bryce DallasHoward: She recently confessed that she was asked to lose weight for her role as Clarie Dearing in the recent Jurassic World: Dominion movie. “How do I say this, how do I say this, how do I say this… They asked me not to use my real body on screen,” said the actress.

However, she refused to change her figure, and, in addition, she had the support of the film’s director Colin Trevorrow, who said “there are many types of women in this world and there are many types of women in this film”.

Bryce assured that he felt good with his body. “I am very proud of all the action scenes that I had to do, and that I was able to do with my own body. I hope this is a small sample of what is possible.”

  • Jennifer Lawrence: She was also asked to lose weight during the beginning of her career, making her feel bad. “The producers of a movie told me that she would lose 15 pounds in two weeks,” the actress said in an interview.

“A producer had me line up naked with about five women who were much, much thinner than me. We all stood side by side, with only a few ribbons covering our privates. After that degrading and humiliating row, the producer told me that I should use the nude photos of myself as inspiration for my diet.”

Jennifer Lopez: She was criticized for her body, and even hid and disguised her curves in some movies.

“I received a lot of criticism for my body from people in the industry. They told me: ‘You should lose a few kilos,’” she said, but she never hid her curves and on the contrary, she empowered curvy women, and she still does.

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