Jennifer Lopez introduces her daughter as gender non-binary

Jennifer Lopez and singer Marc Antonhy fourteen years ago they had Emme Muniz with Maximiliam David, his twin. Emme has decided, or so it seems to follow the trajectory of her parents and dedicate herself to the world of music. One of the great performances that we remember together with Jennifer was during the Super Bolw gala in 2020 or on the 2019 Tour, It’s My Party. This past Thursday, he has returned to the stage with JLo, they shared the stage at the ‘Blue Diamond’ charity gala, organized by the Dodger Foundations, which was held in Los Angeles. She performed alongside her mother in the 2000s hit ‘Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri. However, in this last performance what he highlighted was not only the interpretation of the theme, but in the middle of a week of pride, JLo introduced her 14-year-old son, using neutral pronouns.

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JLo introduces Emme as non-binary

The Bronx star has shocked the world by announcing that her daughter, Emme Muñiz, identifies as non-binary. When Emme came on stage, her mother introduced her with the pronoun ‘elle’, using inclusive language. ‘Elle is very very busy, her schedule is full… Elle is worth every penny because she is my all-time favorite partner directe’, commented the singer. Jennifer Lopez continued to reminisce about the last time they shared a stage at the Super Bowl. ‘The last time we performed together was in a big stadium like this and I ask her to sing with me all the time and she doesn’t. So this is a very special occasion, JLo quoted. This performance marks a turning point, not only because mother and daughter share the stage, but because of the value of this non-binary gender message from Jennifer and her daughter, it becomes even more important in the month of LGBT + pride.

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