Jennifer Lopez Invents the Half Ballerina Half Italian Bun

Jennifer Lopez and the vertical bow (or vertical bun), the sophisticated alternative to ballerina bow tie

At last he is coming premiere of the new movie Jennifer Lopez. action romantic comedy ‘An explosive wedding’ (Prime video) will hit the screens January 27 in Spain but it has already been presented in Los Angeles with a red carpet event. JLo dressed up for the occasion and although we love her gloss manicure, we also love her original hairstyle.

Jennifer Lopez and the vertical updo, a little ballerina bow and a little Italian

The actress was presented with a brilliant valentino nude dress, which revealed a yellow bow underneath that matched perfectly with her yellow bag. But enough about her outfit, because her hair and makeup were amazing too! From the front, Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyle looks like a classic up-do: a high bun, tight and polished.. spoilers: it is not, it is more original.

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Seen from behind or in profile, the complex elaboration is appreciated of the updo that is neither a compact and round ballerina bun nor an elongated Italian bun in the shape of a conch. The shape is elongated, but bulky and irregular, as if it were stringing together several ballerina bows or a braid.

JLo Pairs Her “Vertical Bun” With Soft Smokey Eyes, in which the focus is on the lower lash line. The golden touches on the mobile eyelid and in the inner corner of the eye add a touch of glamor and open up the look.

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“Vertical Bun”: Jennifer Lopez wears the bow that the guests will become a trend

It must be recognized that the development of Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyle does not seem very simple at first glance. To get such an elongated bun, you need quite a lot of hair.. So if you do not have the necessary length, it is worth opting for extensions. For the rest, the “Vertical Bun” is a little narrower than the Italian one, which is not bad at all.

The hairdresser to the stars Andrew Fitzsimons, who also regularly combs Megan Fox and Khloe Kardashian, is the author of this complex updo and on his Instagram account, he published a close-up of the hairstyle in detail:

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