Jennifer Lopez pairs fabulous XL jeans with heart-stopping platforms

This 2023 red carpet is not the only scenario in which we have seen celebrities wearing the most amazing ‘looks’. The extravagant and ‘sexy’ trends trending this year have forced ‘celebrities’ to incorporate them in their everyday ‘looks’. Jennifer Lopez This is one of them as it makes us speechless to wear shoes with transparency, malleable openings and height of infarction to go out for shopping or even to eat.

After celebrating her birthday in style with some incredible poses in a swimsuit, JLo rocks a fluid boho jumpsuit and ripped pants. At 54, there’s no escaping him and now that he’s in Paris, we’re seeing more of him some xl jeans opposite of this A mini bag by Jacquemus. has been added to A sweater, a scarf and sunglasses. Leave aside such comfortable and ‘cool’ pants, what’s so special about this combination? Take a good look at the images:

Despite measuring 1.64m, Jennifer Lopez is usually tall as she often wears the most amazing shoes you can imagine. This time she has decided to take her ‘look’ a notch higher Great heeled shoe with an incredible platform. In this way, he increases his height by a few centimeters and achieves that with a simple combination of clothes his figure looks better.

Even if you are not taking them shopping like a ‘celebrity’. in asos We found some sandals with heels similar to JLO’s to sign you up for one of the trends that’s going to be the most talked about this summer.

asos platform heel sandals

platform heel sandals

asos platform heel sandals

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