Jennifer Lopez says she felt like a ‘unicorn’ in the 1990s

Jennifer Lopez is emerging as a role model for a long underrepresented Latin community. Instagram @jlo

The singer and actress returned to her childhood and her feelings when she was in circles where “Latin women were not represented”.

Jennifer Lopez certainly embodies one of the most accomplished role models today for many girls and women around the world. Singer, actress, businesswoman… she successfully combines the hats. But if the one who has just said yes to Ben Affleck is there, she owes her success only to herself and to the confidence that her parents have instilled in her.

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In an exclusive interview for Today disclosed on Tuesday, and organized on the sidelines of an event where she spoke in front of 400 women of Latin origin, the founder of JLo Beauty indeed returned to the way in which she had to build herself.

“I’m Jennifer Lopez from the Bronx”

She made a point of recalling that she did not find herself in any of the criteria of beauty in vogue at the time. “It was like everyone was size zero models, tall, blonde, beautiful – a certain type of beauty.” And the artist to add: “When I arrived in these circles where we were not represented, I felt like a unicorn. […] I’m Jennifer Lopez from the Bronx. And my parents are Puerto Rican, I’m Puerto Rican. And I think that made me feel special.” Jennifer Lopez also regularly thanks her mother and her family for teaching her to cultivate her difference despite Hollywood standards.

The notion of diversity is essential today for the one who is followed by more than 221 million people on Instagram. It is in any case one of the values ​​that she advocates through her skincare brand but also her presence on social networks.

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Meanwhile, her Limitless Lab Foundation has partnered with nonprofit Grameen America to unlock more than $14 million to help Latino women start their own businesses by 2030. empower them, give them an opportunity where there was none,” insists the young bride.

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