Jennifer Lopez surprise announcement of a new album after 9 years without any record production

CADA which makes a declaration Jennifer LopezThe whole world pays all its attention, and now bronx diva Shocked the music world by announcing the release of a new album, which will be released 9 years after the previous album jlo,

International label announces production of JLo

It took 9 years for JLo to decide to start record production and the possible name leaked: “this is me now”, Which will be an updated version of ‘‘It’s me… again’, one of their first albums. This news comes via his new label BMG.

Executive Director of BMG, Thomas Kosfeldexpressed its enthusiasm in cooperating with lopez And his team for the release of this much awaited album.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him and his team to release our first album in almost a decade”said the BMG music producer.

What are the details of JLo’s new album?

The tentative name has already been announced and the production will consist of 13 songs and the worldwide launch is estimated for next November 25 and it means Jennifer’s return to the music world, since the last album bronx diva Was launched in 2014 with Capitol Records.

Recorded last year in Los Angeles, the album promises to be a showcase of the artist’s signature versatility and talent. Jennifer Lopez.

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