Jennifer Lopez teaches us how to wear leggings to have perfect buttocks and a flat stomach instantly

We have seen Jennifer Lopez wearing various looks throughout her career in show business, but there is a particular item of clothing that is usually her favorite and the one she wears the most, because when she is off camera, she prefers the most comfortable outfits and sensual, like leggings that help lift the buttocks and flatten the belly.

JLO boasts leggings that lift the buttocks and flatten the belly

Long ago, JLO became famous on social networks for its colorful leggings, thus imposing the trend of elastic pants among women of 30, 40 and 50.

Although she usually wears them when she goes to train or has a rehearsal, Jennifer Lopez also uses them to go out and do some shopping at the supermarket and go to school for her children.

Jennifer Lopez boasts leggings that lift the buttocks
Jennifer Lopez boasts leggings that lift the buttocks. Photo: Instagram

How to use leggings to see ourselves slimmer and with raised buttocks?

So we have been inspired by her to show you how to use leggings to show off perfect buttocks and a flat stomach. First of all, we want to recommend those that have a wide spring and a high waist, because this type of garment adjusts better to the silhouette and prevents chubby abdomen and lower back from forming.

Secondly, we would like to mention those leggings that are flared or with an elephant leg, because this type of cut makes women see more raised buttocks and a flatter stomach, giving you an hourglass shape.

Leggings to show off a flat stomach
Leggings to show off a flat stomach. Photo: Pinterest

The best leggings to see us slim and stylized

Lastly, we suggest that you start with dark colors such as black, navy blue or grey, as these types of shades also hide cellulite and stylize the figure, causing our stomachs to appear flatter and our buttocks larger. So now you know what Jennifer Lopez’s favorite leggings are, do you dare to wear them?

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