Jennifer Lopez’s billionaire car

Jennifer López accumulates a millionaire heritage that multiplies her fleet of vehicles, but there is the favorite model considered the ideal for billionaires that the diva from the Bronx enjoys to the fullest on the American streets. We show you…

Jennifer Lopez He continues to sweep social networks with his novelties from an artistic and personal point of view, but his fleet of vehicles does not go unnoticed either, as does the extraordinary car that he parks in his garage, distinguished for being everyone’s favorite and the most intimidating that appears on the streets of the United States.

Obviously, the interpreter of “On the Floor” has different cars valued at figures ranging from $250,000 onwards, among prominent models such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, Porsche, Tesla and the most attractive of all thanks to the creativity of JLo , the great Rolls-Royce.

This eye-catching personal transport, frequently used by billionaires Due to its exotic exterior design, it is one of the great favorites of the singer whom we have seen several times traveling with her respective driver, within the comfort offered by this British brand characterized by its comfortable seats, elegance, luxurious space and a distinction in bodywork that inevitably becomes the attraction of the place.

The beautiful diva from the Bronx intimidates the American streets in the rolls royce convertible, valued at Half a million dollars which you customize in different colors, enjoying its functionality that offers a journey from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, maximum speed of 240 km/h, 12 cylinders, maximum torque of 720 nm at 3,500 rpm plus power at 460 hp at 5,350 rpm.

In the same way, it offers automatic transmission, eight available speeds, sedan body, spacious environment for greater comfort of all its occupants and indisputable comfort that even Ben Affleck had the opportunity to drive in the car of the star, just like Alex Rodriguez.

+ Check out the pictures of JLo’s billionaire car:

Jennifer Lopez with her Roll Royce

Jennifer Lopez with her Roll Royce

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