Jennifer Lopez’s photo without makeup went viral in November 2023

Jennifer Lopez Has shown that as he ages, the more years the better, because at the age of 54 he claims awesome body Which makes anyone jealous.

The singer was recently photographed emerging from an extensive rehearsal routine, appearing to be wearing not a single drop of makeup.

Although you can really see that there is a difference between a face with makeup and a natural face, her face is still beautiful. You don’t need a lot of elements for this smooth out some wrinkles Or some small details that are present, but difficult to notice with the naked eye.

Jennifer Lopez was leaving for rehearsals in Los Angeles with her manager Benny Medina without makeup.

According to a Telemundo review, JLo was with her work team in a rehearsal room in Los Angeles. She was also accompanied by her former manager, Benny Medina, with whom she was making some preparations, the details of which are still unknown.

The Bronx diva doesn’t hide from the paparazzi cameras. Recently, she has been seen repeatedly having dinner with Ben Affleck, and going on walks with her children and her husband. jennifer garner,

Jennifer Lopez

singer’s sexuality

Last weekend Jennifer Lopez posted a collection of images on her Instagram account. In the images, the famous music and acting star appears in the company of Ben Affleck.

However, what really caught the attention was the outfit the famous lady decided to wear. And in the pictures you can see her wearing a nude colored dress with golden glitter.

The skirt was completely transparent, revealing the underwear worn by the artist. In the comments, users did not hesitate to highlight how good she looks even at this age, because her figure is killer.

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