Jeremy Allen White: a divorce, two daughters and a possible new relationship with model Ashley Moore

for more than seven years, Jeremy Allen White (Brooklyn, 1991) The series featured one of the older brothers in a multigenerational and disorganized family in the suburbs of Chicago. shameless, Although the general public’s first contact with the American resulted from his role as Lip Gallagher in the above television drama, the Brooklyn man began starring in covers after his lead role as a chef in another series Is: BearA Hulu production that has received 8 Emmy nominations and will premiere its second season in Spain on August 16 on Disney+.

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Now, White’s every move is being followed by the media. Especially with his handsome tough guy pose when it comes to the heart. A few months ago it was made public that the actor was signing divorce papers with his ex-wife and the mother of his two daughters, who is also an actress. Addison Timlin. Whereas a few days ago some pictures and videos were leaked in which the model is seen kissing. Ashley Moore. What has happened in the emotional life of the actor who, in January this year, dedicated his Golden Globe to his ex-wife after expressing “his deep love and gratitude”?

White met Timlin when they were both teenagers, around 2006. The first meeting probably took place during the shooting of the film after school, In which they both acted and it was released in 2008, when they were 14 years old. Time passed and the relationship grew stronger, although the couple still kept it completely anonymous. In 2013, the actress gave a very special interview to the magazine Harper’s Bazaar after the release of the film legal type (Fisher Stevens), where he shared a cast with Al Pacino and Christopher Walken. In it, she talked about her love life for the first time, hinting that she was in love: “I have a love that I will not reveal, but yes, he will be the man. We have a good foundation, we We have been friends for a long time, but our relationship has turned to romance.”

In 2018, their first daughter, Ezer Billie White, was born; whose godmother, due to her friendship with her mother, is actress Dakota Johnson. Exactly one year later, the couple tied the knot — both wearing denim jackets — in a private and informal ceremony at the Beverly Hills Courthouse in Los Angeles.

Dolores Wild White, their second daughter, was born in December 2020, the year of the pandemic. After three years together, Timlin filed for divorce from the actor last January. The reasons have not been disclosed till date. As a source told ET, she and White “had trust issues during the relationship. Issues that ultimately led to their divorce.” “They were trying to work things out but it just got more and more difficult and they decided to separate,” the source said. Another source close to the couple told page six The rise of White in the media may also have been a reason for the break. “Jeremy had no control over his filming schedule. rolled Bear in Chicago and whenever possible, I came home. He’s very involved in those girls’ lives, he loves his daughters very much.” In their initial divorce motion, Timlin agreed to allow White regular visitation, as well as custody of their daughters Ezer, 4, and Dolores, 4. sought custody of the 2. However, the actor responded by seeking joint custody of the minors.

While the separation and custody statuses are still up in the air, the actor has been spotted on the streets of Los Angeles with his alleged first conquest after nearly four years of marriage: Ashley Moore. Moore (North Carolina, 1993) has had a long career as a model and actress. Apart from this, he has also appeared in video clips like hold on we’re going home, from Drake (2013), and not good by Kygo (2019). Neither of the protagonists wanted to make a statement in the media about their alleged relationship.

Although both White and Timlin are currently single, the fictional chef’s meeting with Moore has left his followers confused because, a few weeks ago, White appeared very affectionate with his ex-wife during their older daughter’s soccer game. Azer, giving their fans hope for a possible reconciliation, which now seems even more distant.

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