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A fateful event occurred Tuesday night at the Louis Armstrong airport in New Orleans, in USAwhile the young Jermani Thompson unloaded a plane from Frontier Airlines.

According to US media, the employee died after the terrible injuries caused by an accident in the luggage belt loader.

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Jermani Thompson, 26, was on the platform doing his job unloading luggage when his hair got caught in the conveyor belt machine. The woman was immediately taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Yesterday at approximately 10:20 pm we had a fatality at our New Orleans operation. One of our monitoring team members was injured and later died while working to unload an incoming aircraft. What we know so far is that his hair got tangled up in the machinery of the loader belt.”, the company said in a statement, according to ‘Fox8Live’ records.

Jermani Thompson, 26, was a basketball player.  (Photo: Facebook by Jermani Thompson).
Jermani Thompson, 26, was a basketball player. (Photo: Facebook by Jermani Thompson).

In addition, they assured that they are surprised by what happened and that they are supporting Thompson’s family group, who are devastated.

The victim’s mother, Angela Dorsey, stressed that her daughter was an excellent basketball player.a sport with which he received many awards and medals.

I just can’t believe it, you know, my only daughter is gone. I don’t think so… My daughter was a good girl, she was a caring girl, she was a girl who made friends anywhere”, expressed Dorsey to the aforementioned medium.

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