Jero Freixas, the Argentine influencer who “breaks” the networks with his humor and who is followed by Messi

The story of a dream that came true. To persist in the face of the negative environment that surrounds him. In 2018, Jero Freixas (37)with his wife Josephine Cape, they turned on a cell phone camera inside her car and began a dialogue about the invitation to her cousins’ wedding at the World Cup in Russia. It was one of the many videos that she decided to post on a social network, in search of a hook that raises it to the surface. Viralization, one of the phenomena that accompanies digital content, began to become an ally of that 3-minute, 20-second compact. Of a spontaneous chat and a popularity that rose to unsuspected levels.

Humor transcended borders and placed it on a pedestal. The visualizations were added to a counter that did not stop updating and agreeing with a decision that he had to think about for a while: Quit your job as an administrative cadetwhich included a prepaid for his daughter and coupled with it, the little time to make productions that are to the liking of the user who is on the other side of the screen and serves as a jury.

Jero Freixas and Jose De Caro, the couple who went viral for a video during the World Cup in Russia

Currently traveling -for work reasons- in Costa Rica, Freixe answered the call of THE NATION and he told, within that diverse range that is his life, how was the behind the scenes of a video that went viral in a matter of hours and was the fruit of 18 years of work with his wife Josephine: “I worked a lot on that video, I recorded it 20 days before the start of the World Cup in Russia and it took me many years of work to do it, a long way in the theater. Once I understood how the networks worked, I aimed for the theme of the videos to be about the dynamics of the couple; with Jose we felt an identification and it occurred to us to talk about the marriage of his cousin. We recorded for an hour and a half on a Saturday, two days later I edited it and it went up on YouTube and then on Instagram.”

A message from WhatsApp from a friend alerted him that the chosen path was the right one and the content began to flow in groups of friends, until it reached countries where he would never have imagined it: “I got home and saw that YouTube already had 7,000 views, which at that time was a lot.. Every time I watched, the number went up and I began to understand that in other countries the video started to sting. The next day, I opened the kitchen door and found Jose with his eyes open. The first thing he managed to say was ‘fat, we are viral’”.

He always knew he wanted to be an actor. He dodged the vocational tests that indicated as a result a destiny of social communicator or lawyer. He changed the apathy of his father Fernando, who did not see his life project with good eyes, to make him one of his main followers and an emotional support in a theater room where he passed the cap at the end of the performances. Guided by his instinct, he fought against the guidelines of a society that forced him to have a fixed salary and a social work that also included the care of his daughter Rita. Within the vortex of routine, he had very little time to spend with his wife Josefina, who today is his partner and key to success so that his name is on the agenda of the most important producers in the country.

“Since I was little I was passionate about being an actor, writing poems, I acted on my family’s birthdays, I was a showman. It connected me with the theater. In my privacy, without the knowledge of my schoolmates, where there was a lot of bullying for those who came out of a supposed ‘normality’, I listened Burnetwhere they put on a show. He was a more sensitive person than the average”, he stated Freixas.

Jerónimo Freixas, Josefina De Cabo and their two children: a family at the service of viral humor
Jerónimo Freixas, Josefina De Cabo and their two children: a family at the service of viral humor

In the midst of a time when the Internet and virtual classes were not common currency, he entered the Rojas Cultural Center, located on Corrientes Avenue, to feel what it was like to get on a stage: “I signed up for a theater class taught by Alejandra Flores; I remember it was Friday afternoon. There I went crazy, I got into a game of non-detriments, of being able to move the body as I wanted, scream, get into a character.

Through a contact from his father, and accompanied by a small internal fire of being a footballer, he got a test in River, where he approved the requests of the coaches, but rejected it because he was not comfortable in that environment. In March 2004, with the support of her sisters clear Y Louisedecided to take courage to tell his father that acting was his thing, despite the fact that the vocational test indicated that his future lay in court as a lawyer or in a media outlet as a journalist.

From a conservative family his father did not agree that this is the path for his life. After several days of deep uneasiness for not feeling the accolade, she enrolled at the Universidad del Salvador in the dramatic arts career, with the consent of his eldest son. There he met Josefina, with whom they now have two children, Rita and Ramón..

The video of Jero Freixas and Jose de Cabo that received the like of Lionel Messi

In the dining room of his old job, where he worked from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. as a cadet in a textile company, a group of co-workers, sitting at a table, watched a video of a person on Instagram and called him to see him. look. The internal fire flared up again. On the night of that day, Jero revealed to his wife that he wanted to enter the world of networks: “It’s my last chance”.

Currently, his Instagram account took on a superlative dimension by having 777 thousand followers and among the extensive list, is Leo Messiwho from France enjoys the published content and raises the bar so that viralization continues to open doors in the world.

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