Jessica Alba has the fitness routine that is ideal for women over 40

From the beginning of his career to date, routine fitness by Jessica Alba It has been one of the most coveted secrets. Because, if the actress and businesswoman knows something, it is how to stay 100% in every way, and her impact figure is one of the many proofs of this!

But, being the wellness one of her most powerful tools to feel perfect —as she herself revealed in an exclusive interview with Glamor—, it is not surprising that our international cover star is more than clear about the work out that not only keeps her in shape, but has also served as a powerful weapon of self-care and mental health.

The best thing is that, fortunately, the actress recently published some of her movements fitness preferred through their accounts Instagram Y TikTok. Fast, effective and high intensity, that’s how the workouts that make up the Jessica Alba fitness routine. A regimen meticulously planned by his personal trainer, Ramona Braganza, which has helped shape his incredible figure.

After a 30-minute cardio session to warm up the muscles —usually on the elliptical—, the businesswoman tests the following exercises:

bulgarian squats

To work your legs and turn some steel bubbles, the famous squats Bulgarian women are one of the movements that cannot be missed within the Jessica Alba routine.

Copy them by placing one of your feet on a bench or raised surface, then slowly lower yourself into a traditional lunge, keeping your back straight and contracting your glutes. Do 15 reps for 3-4 sets.

Sit-ups with twist

They are very similar to traditional sit-ups with the difference that, when raising the torso, you must make a small turn to each side to work and mark the obliques.

You can do this movement with or without help, either using a medicine ball or a simple ball, or just taking advantage of your own body weight and contracting your abdomen to exert more force when turning. Just like the actress does, you only need to do 3 sets of 15 or 20 sit-ups and voila!

At 41 years old, the actress and businesswoman maintains a spectacular physique, thanks to her taste for wellness.Instagram @jessicaalba

chest press

Although it is one of the exercises that we tend to avoid the most, the truth is that this is wonderful for turning the arms and shoulders, as well as providing strength and firmness.

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