Jessica Biel has the outfit with which to show her abdomen

Jessica Biel

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  • A style trick for every age, from 20 to 60 years old
  • Sienna Miller boasts spectacular abs

    Behind the apparent simplicity of one of the most recent outfits from Jessica Biel, several tricks are hidden that are easy to copy by the rest of the mortals. The actress attended the premiere of her new series Candy in Los Angeles, a disturbing fiction based on real events in which she plays the protagonist, betting on a white two-piece. It is a design by Giambattista Valli which he combined with a discreet bag matching signed by Tyler Ellis.

    Highlighting the growing prominence of pants as an alternative to dresses at events and red carpets, their appearance is inspiring for a number of reasons. Namely:

    The formula to show (a bit of) abdomen

    Although the spring-summer 2022 collections make an effort to make it clear that it is time to show skin again (the debate about where the diversity of bodies and sizes is served), it is not always easy to translate those catwalk proposals into real life. Ultra low-rise pants, miniskirts that look like belts, or tiny tops that expose the entire midriff are neither practical nor comfortable for many women. Jessica Biel, however, makes her own interpretation of catwalk dictates. choosing a top that, although it is cropped, it only shows a small skin surface. An option that is flattering on all body types and ages. Because neither the first nor the second should be limits when it comes to dressing.

    Jessica Biel

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    The trick to elevate any garment

    Putting together several chains that cascade from the neck to the chest is a gesture that, for several seasons, has been confirmed as more than a trend, remaining as a timeless combination. The actress knows this and applies it to perfection, breaking the simplicity of her look white from head to toe with several pendants that mix and intertwine. The FoundRae firm is behind the jewels. A good way to put this trick into practice on a daily basis is to place several chains on a simple basic white cotton t-shirt.

    Jessica Biel

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    The guy to appear taller

    Styling manuals say that wearing the same color from top to bottom produces the optical illusion of looking taller and more stylized. The proof is in Jessica Biel, who although she is 1.70 meters tall, boost your height by choosing a white top and pants and keeping your shoes from showing, a gesture that visually lengthens the figure even more. Although the bottom of his pants drags too much, the idea works.

    Jessica Biel

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