Jessica Biel Recounts Justin Timberlake’s ‘Hilarious’ Marriage Proposal

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Next October, Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel will celebrate their 10 years of marriage. In the meantime, the actress recounted the marriage proposal of her half on Wednesday, in a famous American talk show.

In the middle of a promotional tour for her new series “Candy” (on the Hulu streaming platform), Jessica Biel made a remarkable appearance on James Corden’s “Late Late Show” on Wednesday May 11. Asked about the marriage proposal of her famous husband, who is none other than Justin Timberlake, the actress remembered this completely unexpected moment, which occurred in December 2011.

“We were in Montana, on property that we owned at the time. We had been snowboarding all day. It was in the middle of winter. The snow came to our hips,” she said on the talk show set. “We were in head-to-toe snowboard gear, beanies, gloves, etc. We go back to the property to check the condition of the foundations. And suddenly, he gets down on his knees and sinks into the snow, she added, laughing. And he looks at me and holds this ring, it was adorable, surprising, hilarious…”

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Justin Timberlake had been in a relationship with Jessica Biel for nearly five years when he proposed to her, waist deep in snow. The star couple then married in October 2012, in a ceremony held in Fasano, Italy. Since then, the two actors have founded a family and welcomed two boys: Silas and Phineas (7 and soon 2 years old).

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At the turn of a previous interview granted last April to “Access Hollywood”, Jessica Biel had precisely confided in the ups and downs of her marriage to Justin Timberlake. An almost ordinary couple, who displayed their tender complicity at the premiere of “Candy” in Los Angeles on May 9.

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