Jessica Biel Relate to Her Killer Role in ‘Candy’: ‘I Know That Feeling’

In the latest installment of true crime content to hit the airwaves, Hulu’s Candy sees Jessica Biel as the killer, Candy Montgomery. Premiering as a five-night event, the gruesome story of the Texas housewife turned ax murderer is succinctly told in five episodes, beginning with Sweets first install, Friday the 13ththe, named for the date Betty Gore was murdered in 1980.

What is Hulu’s ‘Candy’? about?

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Based on a true crime that rocked America in the early 1980s, Candy follows the true story of the murder of Betty Gore. Depicted as an unhappy and harsh woman., Melanie Lynskey plays Gore, who is initially delighted to be taken in as a friend of the popular Montgomery.

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