Jessica Biel: this funny anecdote about Justin Timberlake’s marriage proposal

Currently promoting the mini-series “Candy”, broadcast on Hulu, Jessica Biel multiplies the interviews. The opportunity to discuss her character of Candy Montgomery but also to slip in some secrets about her personal life, and more particularly about her marriage to Justin Timberlake. Invited on the set of James Corden’s “Late Late Show”, this Wednesday, May 11, the actress notably chose to return to the singer’s marriage proposal, which occurred in 2011. “It was so beautiful and unexpected”, recalls she faces the host. Married to the “Cry Me A River” singer since 2012, she continues: “We were in Montana on a property that we owned at the time. We had been snowboarding all day. It was in the middle of winter. Snow up to your waist. We were in head-to-toe snowboarding gear – beanies, gloves, everything. And we went to the property to check the condition of the foundations. And all of a sudden, he got down on his knees and fell into the snow. And then he looked up at me and showed me this ring and it was so beautiful, surprising, hilarious…”

ten years of marriage

Tender confidences which only confirm the complicity of the two spouses despite the passage of time – married for almost ten years, they are now parents of two sons: Silas and Phineas. Last April, in an interview for “Access Hollywood”, the star of “7 at home” also confided: “I sometimes have the impression that 10 years have passed in the blink of an eye and other times I’m like, “Oh my God, 10 years is a really big span of someone’s life.” »

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