Jessica Biel unrecognizable in her new series

Actress Jessica Biel stars in Candy, a new Hulu series based on horrific true events that occurred in the 1980s.

Jessica Biel interprets Candy Montgomerya woman who was accused of axing her friend to death Betty Gore. The facts were never entirely clear, as there are people who think that it was a cold-blooded act, others that she was defending herself or that Candy was in a dissociated state. Now we will see what happened in a new series of Hulu.

Here we leave you the trailer for Candy:

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These are the events of real history:

It will be interesting to see which version he will interpret Jessica Biel. Since according to what was determined in the courtroom, Candy tried unsuccessfully to sleep with Betty Gore’s husband, named Allan. The day of the events, Betty confronted Candy for that reason. But there are conflicting statements, with Montgomery’s attorneys arguing that it was Gore who initially attacked her client with the ax and that her death was the result of her self-defense. But Betty Gore had 41 ax wounds when her body was found, many of which were bludgeoned after the woman lay unconscious on the ground. Additionally, a psychiatrist claimed that he was in a dissociated state during the attack and that he was not responsible for her actions. So she was acquitted and moved to Texas, she is currently alive and is 70 years old.

the series of Jessica Biel will premiere the first episode on May 9 at Hulu and the rest will arrive on consecutive days until May 13. In addition, it must be remembered that elizabeth olsen (Scarlet Witch at Marvel Studios) will play Candy Montgomery in a miniseries for hbo max which will also be released in 2022.

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