Jessica Chastain, Margot Robbie to Mark Ruffalo Support the Big Strike in Hollywood

In view of the growing exposure of actors, actresses and writers of the Hollywood industry, many actors have expressed their support for the strike called by the Screen Actors Union (SAG-AFTRA), which has brought the film and television industry to a standstill.

Since the night of Wednesday, July 13, the film’s shoot and even promotions have been suspended due to the protest, leading to the fact that over 160,000 artistes, who are part of the union, stopped working. Is. Reasons for opposition include improving wage conditions and protecting themselves from the use of artificial intelligence.

The first celebrity to speak was the union’s president and former star of the series, Fran Drescher. Nanny (midwife). During the press conference to announce the strike, Drescher noted that the union had negotiated in good faith and was prepared to reach a settlement, but the studio’s responses were “disrespectful and disrespectful to our enormous contribution to this industry.” It was humiliating.”

Jessica Chastain was recognized for her performances in films such as interstellar, it And tammy faye eyes Drescher’s message on his social media, adding that the community is “not afraid” to fight back and will not back down.

Then there’s Margot Robbie, who took the opportunity to express her support for the show while promoting the expected film. Barbie.

The actress is also recognized in such tapes as suicide squad And The Wolf of Wall Street, He told Sky News that he would “absolutely” be involved in the protests as a union member.

Mark Ruffalo, acclaimed actor and best known for his superhero roles big ship In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they have also used their social media to share news in support of the strike. He also shared a fundraiser to support the healthcare team at the protests.

Another viral voice is that of Jamie Lee Curtis, who posted a series of comments on her Instagram account in defense of the performance.

In one of them he refers to the masks of comedy and tragedy, which are used to represent the theatre, and writes: “It seems it is time to put down the masks and raise up the posters.”

Earlier this year, Curtis received a Best Supporting Actress award for her performance everything everywhere at once At the SAG Awards. Mashhoor will not be able to promote her next film haunted Mansion, Disney, for the duration of the strike, despite the fact that its premiere is scheduled for July 26.

Another iconic actress from the industry who spoke out was Cynthia Nixon, who was recognized for her role as Miranda. sex and the City and its sequel And just like that. Nixon wrote on his Twitter profile that he was proud to march with actors and writers demanding a fair share of television studio profits.

Other actors who have expressed their support on the social network include Yvette Nicole Brown, best known for her recent role in the film. community and series like Drake and Josh. apart from, Brown advised protesters to tape the wood of the signs to avoid injury.

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