Jessica Chastain opens up about her friendship with Oscar Isaac

although they have been friends over 20 years and they have a close friendshipin a new interview jessica chastain talked about how change your relationship Together Oscar Isaac after filming your series wedding scene,

chastain and isaac they have met early 2000s In university, both went JuilliardSchool of Dramatic Arts in New York, and since then he’s had a close bond,

He hbo dramawhich was released a long time ago two years, tells the story of a married couple whose relationship is going downhill and they struggle to get it back or let go. Although the series was highly acclaimed and even got the nomination Golden GlobeYes, SAG Awards And 2022 EmmysAnd its premiere left us with some memorable moments between its heroes Venice Film Festival (that viral kiss), everything indicates filming The relationship between the actors was affected.

Jessica ChastainOscar Isaac
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This is what Jessica Chastain had to say about her relationship with Oscar Isaac

although this it was not first time that we saw them together on screenIt was the most challenging project he had undertaken. in an interview withTo Vanity Fair, chastain Said it was very difficult, “I mean, a wedding scene It was very difficult,” he admitted. “And I love the Oscars, but the reality is our friendship has never been the same, Although the actress knows this they’ll be alright eventuallythey felt they needed it after filming a breath“There was a lot of ‘I love you’ and ‘I hate you’ in that series.”

jessica also talked about passn he puts his work and of he tries hard In each of his characters. In LastThe actress talked about risk which means recording their friendship scene too intenses and especially during a such a hard time What was the epidemic? If you haven’t seen the series yet, we leave you the trailer below.

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