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Is today! The Oscar winner, Jessica Chastain, is turning 46 with one of the most solid acting careers today, so we are going to tell you which are the best films of hers to celebrate from the Star Plus catalog.

Have you congratulated Jessica Chastain yet? The Oscar-winning actress is turning 46, something that fans will not go unnoticed, especially since she is one of the most important and sought-after stars in Hollywood for films like Blackest Night or Interstellar, but did you know that you can take this celebration to star plus?

If you don’t have Star Plus yet, then you should know about this mega promotion where you can access the platform where you can enjoy John Wick 3: Parabellum, as well as Disney Plus for less than 100 Mexican pesos. With this on the table, go grab your favorite snack for the best Jessica Chastain movies to celebrate her birthday.

‘Tammy Faye’s eyes’

Tammy Faye’s Eyes is a film directed by Michael Showalter, set in the late 1970s, when the power of the ministerial couple formed by Tammy Faye Messner and Jim Bakker was much more than they could have dreamed of. thanks to the Christian program The PTL Club or Praise The Lord Club. From humble origins, this Christian couple who met during their college years were revered for several years due to their message of love, acceptance and prosperity, under an eminently Christian approach..

Its television network was the first to launch its own satellite to broadcast 24 hours a day, as well as being the only one to build a theme park; a kind of religious retreat, Disney-style, that Jim built from the donations of his viewers. However, the couple was part of one of the biggest scandals in the late 80s. The tape also features performances by Andrew Garfield and Cherry Jones.

‘Crossing stories’

Set in 1960s Mississippi, Crossing stories tells the story of Skeeter (Emma Stone), a young woman from the southern United States who returns from college with dreams of becoming a writer. Soon, she revolutionizes the inhabitants of the city when she decides to interview African-American women who have spent their lives caring for families in the area and will confront the white ladies who are in charge of them, starting a social conflict that will revolutionize the vision of things. .

Despite the problems that can be triggered by Skeeter’s old friends, the collaboration between her and Aibileen (Viola Davis), her best friend’s housekeeper, becomes crucial for more women to be encouraged to tell their tragic stories. The cast is completed by Bryce Dallas Howard, Octavia Spencer, Allison Janney and Sissy Spacek.

‘Alone against power’

This film directed by John Madden, presents the drama behind a bill in the Senate that would expand the criminal record check process for obtaining firearms, a powerful arms manufacturing company seeks the support and representation of political strategist, Elizabeth Sloane. However, Sloane is right in favor of the bill, which makes the process to obtain weapons stricter, so she, motivated by this, will decide to represent the opposite side, the one who wants the law to be approved.

Summoned at a congressional hearing, Elizabeth will bring together a team of experts, specialists, witnesses and victims, to carry out the defenses and virtues that the new regulations would allow. But Sloane is up against powerful, ruthless and corrupt industries, which will expose his troubled past, one that has also been characterized by potentially illegal practices, putting his initiative and his own freedom at risk.

‘rescue mission’

Rescue Mission is the story of the exploration of the Acidalia Planitia on Mars with the Ares III crew seeming to have everything under control. Although the mission was on time and up to date, the team is surprised by a violent sandstorm, which endangers the mission and their lives. Forced by the incident, the crew decides to abandon the mission and return to the orbiting ship. During the escape, astronaut Mark Watney is struck by an antenna and thrown into the center of the storm.

Unable to rescue him, Commander Lewis decides to take off and leave the planet, leaving Watney behind, thinking that he has died; however, Watney has survived. Wounded, he manages to reach the Habitat and heal, while discovering that he has been left alone, on a planet with hostile conditions and with no possibility of communication with Earth or his crew. With limited resources, Watney must use his knowledge of science to stay alive and send signals to Earth. that he is alive and needs a mission to rescue him.

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