Jessica Nigri Cosplays Krieg From Borderlands 2 That Blows Your Brain Off

The renowned cosplayer does a Krieg cosplay, mixed with body paint, which makes sense

This time we bring you a cosplay that mixes body paint that makes sense. It is based, with certain licenses from the cosplayer, on the character Kriegfrom the video game saga ‘Borderlands’. This character was revealed in 2013 and became the sixth playable class.

Krieg is a psychopath and his weapon of choice for butchering is an electric chainsaw. He is a specialist in melee attacks that can evolve into three different branches. The look of him is intimidating, but Nigri has managed to make us fall in love with the character in this cosplay that is…absolutely!

Jessica Nigri - Krieg Cosplay - Borderlands 3 - Cosplay

Borderlands 2 Krieg cosplay

When it comes to cosplayers, one of the most recognizable is Jessica Nigri. This 33-year-old American is a master at characterization. She is an illustrious of conventions and of the world of characterization. She has even been involved in various voiceover jobs. She is very involved with her followers and an artist through and through.

Her dedication and effort is appreciated by the fans, making her community grow and helping to viralize the content that this Youtuber creates. Its presence on the web is constant and growing. We leave you with the gallery of images so that you can enjoy his work.

If you liked the characterization of Jessica Nigri and you want to discover more of his work, here we leave you his instagram.


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Borderlands 3, Jessica Nigri, Cosplay News, Curiosities News

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