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the house of the famous″ has become one of the most watched programs in recent times. And it is that the audience is very aware of what happens with the tenants who are already well known, but there is a person who, despite never having been seen, is very popular because of his voice. This is the ‘Boss’ who has a very important role in the reality show.

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The second season of “the house of the famous″ becomes more and more exciting as tenants constantly compete not to be eliminated in order to reach the end of the contest and win the jackpot.

  Jessica Ortiz was born in Mexico (Photo: Jessica Ortiz/Instagram)
Jessica Ortiz was born in Mexico (Photo: Jessica Ortiz/Instagram)

As part of “The house of the famous Recognized faces have appeared but currently, in its final stage, only Daniella Navarro, Ivonne Montero, Juan Vidal, Laura Bozzo, Lewis Mendoza, Natalia Alcocer, Salvador Zerboni and Toni Costa are found.

But in “The house of the famous the voice of the so-called ‘Boss‘ that even though no one has seen her, her decisions and orders must be followed to the letter. Who is the boss? What is her real name?


Jessica Ortiz is the one who lends his voice to interpret the ‘Boss‘ in “The house of the famous”a character that although nobody has seen has a very important role in the reality show of Telemundo.

She has the function of communicating with the tenants during their stay in the house that has already become very popular among the television audience. She is also the one who sets all the rules of the game.

What few know is that Jessica Ortiz born in Mexico and is a dubbing actress and also an announcer.

As commented by her own Jessica Ortiz, in an interview with ADR Networks in 2020, she started in the world of voice over when she was 9 years old, but her life would change when she met a dubbing director. At that time she was already 15 years old, according to what she refers to (video).

Jessica Ortiz doing what she is most passionate about, voice overs (Photo: Jessica Ortiz/Instagram)
Jessica Ortiz doing what she is most passionate about, voice overs (Photo: Jessica Ortiz/Instagram)

I said ‘I want to do dubbing’. And he laughed and everything, but I got my act together, I went to study acting, I studied and studied acting in the afternoons because I was already very involved in this and little by little I became a dubbing actress “held.

Although she is a renowned Mexican announcer, she also indicated that the public knows her for her talent in the world of dubbing. Precisely, one of the series in which she participated with her voice was “New Girl”.

I am Deschanel (the protagonist) and she is very similar to me and the character is very funny and she is also a girl who speaks very fast, so she also challenged me and I like them a lot as the characters who challenge me “assured.

Jessica Ortiz (Photo: Jessica Ortiz/Instagram)
Jessica Ortiz (Photo: Jessica Ortiz/Instagram)


Jessica Ortiz She started in the world of dubbing in 1996. She would start in this profession when they placed a dubbing studio in the voiceover agency where she had been working, according to dubbing.fandom.

This is how he has participated in several series and movies and among the characters he has played are drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba, Michelle Monaghan Y Anna Pakin.


  • Date of Birth: January 11
  • Sign: Capricorn
  • Place of birth: Mexico DF
  • Activities: Voice actress, announcer
  • Nationality: mexican
  • Started in dubbing: nineteen ninety six
  • Followers on Instagram: 160k


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