Jesús Moreno, the next César Montes?; Another Mexican to Europe? Part time

Monterrey, NL /

striped no longer has Cesar Montes, the puppy has finally emigrated to Europe by signing with him Spanish from Barcelonabut Monterey He already has another jewel to polish and that he becomes a great figure in the albiazul defense, and not only that, that over time he can also make the leap to Old continent.

Is about Jesus Morenoa 19-year-old young man who, like César and Alan Montes, Johan Vásquez and Jesús Alcántar, he was a youth squad Sonoran Maroons and in this club expansion leagueThey are convinced that it will soon be a Mexican playing in Europe.

“Jesús Moreno is a player with many qualities, when Rayados’ interest came we didn’t even think about it, because we believe he has the qualities to be the next homegrown player who can jump to Europe,” said Pedro Beltrán, sports director of Cimarrones in an interview with Mediotiempo.

Moreno, born in Hermosillo, Sonora, arrived in Cimarrones in January 2020; Since then he has been accumulating minutes in the Third Division, in the Premier League and then in Clausura 2022, he ended up starting in the Expansion League Final against Morelia.

Rayados saw it in Expansión, but in Cimarrones they know that in order for Moreno to transcend beyond Liga MX, he needs to be in a First Division club and they see that Monterrey is a great showcase.

“We know that as the Expansion League we have a certain limit of visibility, we believe that the big institutions can help us to continue the training of the players and in the case of Jesús Moreno we do see the technical and physical conditions to consolidate, not only the physical part. , also in the nutritional part, human development, the football part is not everything, ”said Beltrán.

This young defender played with Raya2 of the Expansion League in the Apertura 2022, participating 155 minutes that he accumulated in four games in that tournament, and now he seeks to continue adding to convince Victor Manuel Vucetich to promote him soon to Rayados.

Cimarrones has several scattered jewels

Cimarrones wants to continue being a hotbed of talent, even if it were to be promoted to Liga MX in the future. Among his successes are César Montes who arrived at Espanyol, Alan Montes to Real Aviles (Fourth Division of Spain), Johan Vasquez to Genoa and then to Italian Serie A Cremonese Y Jesus Alcantar of Sporting Lisbon ‘B’ of the Third League.

Now there are young promises that have been sent to other Mexican clubs so that they can succeed and also be success stories like the ones mentioned above.

“Today Moreno continues his process there (in Rayados)… Ángel Estrada with Pachuca, Juan Carlos Cortés with Necaxa, we are challenged to continue attracting, being a seedbed, a quarry that is a benchmark in Mexican soccer… we are seeking certification to reach the League MX”, Beltrán pointed out.

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