Jeudy’s girlfriend asks for her case to be dismissed

DENVER (AP) — The girlfriend of Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy asked a judge Friday to dismiss a misdemeanor charge brought against him over a dating dispute.

The woman, who fathered a one-month-old child with Jeudy, told Judge Chantel Contiguglia that she did not feel threatened during the incident, but reported it to authorities to “monitor the situation,” The Denver Post reported.

Jeudy, 23, was arrested Thursday at the couple’s home in suburban Denver after his girlfriend claimed he had taken some of the baby’s belongings and items from her car in an attempt to prevent her from ever coming back. Virginia.

The athlete was arrested on suspicion of criminal manipulation in the second degree, with the potential for domestic violence, a misdemeanor charge. He had to spend a night in jail until he could appear before a judge, due to the possible domestic violence factor in the accusation.

Although the authorities did not charge Jeudy with having committed violence, police headquarters commented that the potential of it applies to complaints in which there is an intimate relationship between the victim and the suspect.

Judge Contiguglia did not immediately decide what should happen in the case, but allowed Jeudy to be released from jail and allowed him to travel. He is due to appear in court again on May 31.

After the hearing, Jeudy’s attorney, Harvey Steinberg, said the Broncos player had done nothing that would be considered a crime and that the domestic violence label should not have been applied to the case because it did not come forward.

“Bad things happen to good people, and that’s what happened in this case”; Steinberg said.

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