Jigsaw encourages us to see ‘Saw Ax’ in theaters in a distorted ad similar to another ad with Nicole Kidman

The Machiavellian and diabolical John Kramer, enigma to friends, has decided to return to theaters with a new installment, saw xAnd in a story that is located chronologically between the events of the first and secondOne follows Kramer in a frustrated attempt to overcome his terminal cancer thanks to a supposedly innovative treatment in Mexico that turns out to be a fraud. Revenge is served.

The new promotion for the next installment is no less gruesome, though much less gory. saw We are invited to watch the movie in theatersEspecially when another advertisement from a few years ago by AMC Theaters, the world’s largest famous American cinema chain, is taken as a basis. nicole kidman, However, on this occasion, the protagonist is logically Billy, the puppet being the image that Jigsaw uses to represent him (with a voice in the original version). tobin bell), And Distributor Lionsgate Instead of AMC.

Riding on his fearsome tricycle, he drops like pearls “The indescribable feeling we feel when the lights flicker or go out and your cry for mercy remains unanswered.” one of two “Somehow, self-dissection feels better in a place like this.”,

It looks sick, But this is the purest Ara style And horror franchises.

And remembering that this tenth installment has been released in theaters in both the United States and Spain, on Friday, September 29For comparison, we leave you with the above promotion from September 2021 on the advantages of watching a film with Nicole Kidman on the big screen, which is trying to convince audiences to return to theaters. After the harsh restrictions imposed by the pandemic,

An advertisement that depicted “the magic of cinema” (with images such as titles). Wonder Woman, La La Land one of two faith. Rocky’s story, But there was something disappointing about it too In the Dark Room, under the banner of AMC Theatres. “We make movies better” (We make better movies) and at the end of the Jigsaw ad it is changed to “Traps: They Make Movies Better” (“Traps: They Make Movies Better”).

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