Jim Ryan comments on abortion rights and angers PlayStation workers

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As if the controversies during his administration were not enough, Jim Ryan, president and director of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has just infuriated PlayStation workers after sending a message alluding to the dispute that is currently taking place in the United States about the legality of abortion.

Jim Ryan makes a fool of himself with his message to PlayStation workers

In recent weeks, society, politicians, representatives and officials of the United States have been involved in a legal dispute after the Supreme Court of Justice reviewed, at the request of the Republican wing in Congress, the case Roe vs. Wade that in 1973 resulted in the legalization of abortion. Seeing that right at risk, different sectors have raised their voices, including video games with companies and studios establishing a position in favor of the legal interruption of pregnancy. In this context, the attention has remained on the greats of the industry and today what Jim Ryan did transcended because more than setting a position, he ended up bordering on the ridiculous.

According to information from Jason Schreier, a journalist for Bloomberg, PlayStation workers received an email in which Jim Ryan tried to touch on the issue of abortion in the US but made it clear that what interests him is that the brand is free of all controversy. In this regard, the statement states: “we must respect differences of opinion because we are a multifaceted and diverse company, with many different points of view. We owe each other and the millions of PlayStation users, so we must respect differences of opinion among everyone in our internal and external communities.

PlayStation employees are furious at Jim Ryan’s words on abortion in the US

However, in addition to expressing interest in PlayStation, then in PlayStation and finally in PlayStation before the rights of citizens, Jim Ryan’s message fell into a strange situation because as he points out Bloombergthe following paragraphs talk about the birthday of his 2 cats and then he expresses his desire to have a dog because: “dogs are really man’s best friends, they know their place and perform useful functions such as biting thieves and chasing balls that you roll for it.”

Obviously, the message has infuriated PlayStation workers, according to reports, as companies in the video game industry that have expressed themselves on the issue of the legality of abortion in the US have done so to establish a position in favor of women. , rights and citizens.

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