Jimmy Fallon accused of fostering toxic late night work environment

day to day the tonight show It’s not on air. writers strike Hollywood has forced the famous late night Being forced to curb its emissions Jimmy Fallon Connect with (especially) other presenters. stephen colbert And seth meyers) to drive a podcast As an alternative. still, the tonight show is updated till 2026 And in theory there should be no problem with the stability of Fallon, who has been the presenter since replacing Fallon in 2014. jay leno And create a friendly image in front of the media. an image that Rolling stone Has come to ask questions.

The magazine has published a report, based on the testimony of several employees, that characterizes the working environment the tonight show really alike toxic, In it, workers would be intimidated and humiliated by their bosses (starting with Fallon himself) while complaining about various human resource He was not recognized. This series of abuses had a negative impact on his mental health, making it common among staff to joke about him. commit suicideand shall be known as the guest dressing room “crying room”Where they were going to rest after a day of abuse.

The report is based on accounts by two current staff members and 14 former employees, none of whom have been named. nbcTo quell the fire, another 20 staff members would have been offered to support Fallon before the article went forward defending Fallon. chris miller (current showrunner) as “a beloved and respected leader” and Fallon as an equal figure.loved by employees.” “They are committed to working together to promote a positive environment,

Rolling stone He did not want to include these sources; It also seems that none of the new experiences shared were really positive. In short, Fallon is to blame for climate “far out of bounds” what is considered normal On late night television.” Former comedian Saturday night Live He has been described as a person who is irritable and erratic, with a tendency to have angry outbursts when colleagues are insulted. It has also been suggested that this is due to his alleged alcohol addiction: two staff members claim to have seen him drunk during rehearsals in 2017.

a very problematic history

Two others, between 2019 and 2020, claim to have smelled alcohol, and others who saw Fallon at times with a noticeable hangover. Must have been a personal insult, E-mail Offensive, and an unpleasant incident when another established comedian, jerry seinfeld, was on the set. Fallon would then have scolded an employee inappropriately harshly, only apologizing when Seinfeld forced her to do so. However, it should be said that Seinfeld himself has denied this: it would have been a “Stupid misrepresentation” of events.

“I made fun of Jimmy A mistake And we all laughed at how strange it was that Jimmy got lost. “It wasn’t weird at all.” On the other hand, there were problems regarding racial issue also. In 2020, will be in full bloom black lives mattera resurrected sketch Where was seen with Fallon black face, something for which he immediately apologized, and has since showrunner from that moment, Gavin Purcell, held regular meetings on racial sensitivity. Once Purcell was gone, he was replaced by Jamie Granet-Bederman And Nida Swiss, everything changed.

Grenet-Bederman began intimidating employees, paying particular attention to black workers (“What’s wrong with your hair?”, he joked) and made comments about the diet and physical appearance of some employees. Granet-Bederman was replaced by Miller above, as this is another narrative that underlies the history. the tonight show With the Fallon: The Fleeting Series showrunners, In nine years of broadcasting, the program has gone through six different teams, reaching nine showrunners,

This is not the first time that Fallon’s figure has been questioned by public opinion. Last year he was embroiled in sexual misconduct allegations against a former classmate. Saturday night Live, Horatio Sanz, The victim said Saenz had seduced her and attacked her while Fallon was also with her. Lorne Michaels And tracy morgan) allowed this behavior. Fallon also invited her to parties and drinks with him and Saenz when she was a teenager.

The presenter has already responded to the presence of the report, and accordingly hollywood reporter He has not denied anything. During an emergency meeting with Miller, in fact, he reportedly apologized. “It is shameful and I feel very bad. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you and your family and friends. “I feel so bad I can’t even explain,” he said. It was never his intention to “create” This type of environment”, “I want this show to be fun. It should be inclusive for all.”

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