JJ Abrams ‘surprised’ the cast of ‘Star Trek’ by announcing the fourth installment

A few days ago the fourth film of star trek, a project that has passed from hands for years and has never been consolidated. Produced again by JJ Abramsthe fourth film installment was announced as one of the great aces up the sleeve of Paramount Picturesthe major who hopes that the science fiction galactic saga will once again help them conquer the box office and nurture their streaming service. But beware: Neither Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto or Simon Pegg knew anything about the project. (he The Hollywood Reporter).

The tape will be released on December 22, 2023 and Paramount steps on the accelerator

Once Abrams confirmed the news, the actors and actresses of the franchise, such as those mentioned and Karl Urban or John Cho, as well as their agents, were stunned.. Why had it been announced and had they not been asked officially if they agreed to join the project? What ticked them off the most was the idea of ​​having a release date so early. Taking into account the filming and production plans of Hollywood, a premiere in December 2023 means that filming will start in a few months. And if we start looking at the tight agendas of these stars, like Saldana or Pine, it seems that it will be somewhat complex to get them all to agree.

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The source cited by The Hollywood Reporter explain what Paramount could have given up their bargaining power in terms of salary, seeking to lure them all no matter what the final amount. or the conditions of the contract. The production company wants a title with good box office performance, regardless of the cost, that allows them to attract investors on Wall Street and look for as many subscribers as possible to your streaming service. In charge of Matt Shakmantelevision professional behind the episodes of Scarlet Witch and Visiondoes not have a solid script at the moment, and it is unknown to what extent the stars confirmed in a first announcement will continue to be tied to the project.

The cast did not know that a fourth part was being made

In any case, what we do know is that star trek hit theaters. Sooner than later. All previous ideas for this fourth installment had failed, with projects spearheaded by Noah Hawley (Fargo, Legion) or Quentin Tarantino. After many false starts, the Enterpirse could finally head to the last frontier.

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